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Lovie Dovie

Hey guys!
Now I’m back home with beeeautiful hands and feets. This nailpolish is so cute (even better with some tan I guess) and comes from Essie No 688 Lovie Dovie. Fits me perfect today when I’m silly inlove and can’t stop smiling – what a feeling! Wooow 🙂 Walked around a little bit in Dubai Mall, got some hangers so I finally can empty my suitcase and hang up the clothes!

Tonight I have an event to attend if I get rid of my stomach pain 😦 Inshallah like we say in Dubai..



Now I will go to Dubai Mall for meni&pedi, really need it and want to look good for tonight. I’m sooo sleepy and really need to sleep few more hours, think I start to be sick..

Okey guys, have a good day! Need to run!

Am I boring?!

I went to the thai place alone earlier which I don’t mind. I’m sitting there and dreaming I’m in Bali or something.. But what I wanted to tell you guys. When I like something I’m kind of addicted to it and don’t see something else.. I always take the same in the thai place, I never even look at the menu and before I left the lady came to talk a little bit:

-Maaaaam, you always eat the same maaaam.
-Yeah, I know but I like it.
-Everybody in the kitchen know when you are here maaaam.
-Oh really, haven’t heard that before?!
-Yes maaaam, but next time you have to try something else, we don’t have Phad Thai anymore maaaam.
-Ahhh ok, so I guess I don’t have any choice then??
-Kapkunkaaa maaaam, see you tomorrow!

Hahahaha I was sitting alone and tried to not laugh so I look even more creepy. This conversation is so typical me!
I have to try to be a little bit more “outside the box”.. Oh lord! Hahaha!!

LUSH Group

Tonight I’m so tired and just lying like a cross in the sofa and watching about the Oscar and eating nuts.. Tomorrow I have a busy schedule, gym, meni&pedi, buying some stuff for my new place I will move to on Thursday (!) and at the evening I have an event to attend with Lush Group. Will take pictures and show you tomorrow night guys! And will also tell you later where I will move, yaaaay!


Hellooooo!!! Yesteday you gous rock my blog, 535 people came to check out what I’m doing. Very funny to see and I hope all of you like it even if it’s not a high-fashion-I-have-all-brands-in-the-world-and-high-society-life 😉 Guess what, that’s not what my blog is about. You will follow me and my life (of course not everything) and sometimes it’s hilarious and sometimes it’s boring.. Sharing is caring hu?

Now I will go wearing my high fashion cosy dress to eat cheap thai in Jumeirah but fuck it’s so good!! I have been there for 4 days in a row!! VIP guest ohhh YES!

Fancy hu?! Hahaha

Todays outfit + Forever21

Todays outfit:
Top – Asos
Pants – Gina Tricot
Bag: Balenciaga
Glasses: Chloè
Watch: Tissot

Tried these two color tops today from Forever 21. They didn’t come with me back home but maybe tomorrow, like the colors!! I’m kind of addicted to neon and darker pink/cerise.. Bought such a nice pair of shoes today, have been looking for these kind of shoes for long time but never find any good. I am ready to spend all the summer with my love! Show you later..

My love starts with an L

17 months later and I still can feel the butterflies in my stomach everytime I see, hear and think of him. I haven’t met a funnier person in my life and I think many people can agree with me on that. Also the most pure and honest, without a doubt!

There is not many feelings who beat the happiness when you find The 1. To be honest, is there any feeling who can beat that? I’m not very sure about that. I am a person who want things very quick, quickest as possible if I can. Some stuff you have to fight for. I never planned earlier in my life that I will meet a french guy. I never planned that we have to be away from each other longer periods, to live in a suitcase with clothes at four different places. But love is nothing you can plan, it just happen.

I still can’t believe I am where I am, and with who I am with today. Is this true?! These 17 months haven’t been easy but I will not say hard either, mostly a lot of changes, impression and life experiences. But it have been worth every single second!

My love starts with an L, and his name is Loic ❤

To buy or not to buy?!

Found this bad from Kenneth & Cole today and I really love it!! 400 (80 euro) dirham, what a price and I need a light color bag. But I can’t decide, what do you think?!

Yesterdays Outfit.

Yesterdaythe weather was wired. Sooo windy and foggy with a touch of sandstorm.
Jeans – Gina Tricot (swedish store)
T-shirt – Gina Tricot
Blazer and bag – Zara
Sunglasses – Chloè


Just got home from a funny nigh with my and Loic’s friend. Fist we had a drink at Address Downtown then OKKU and last Cavalli Club. It wasn’t my plan at all to go out tonight but I’m happy I did.. More fun to be with friends than sit alone! Tomorrow I have a lot to do, I will tell you more about that later.. Bisou!!!

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