My love starts with an L

17 months later and I still can feel the butterflies in my stomach everytime I see, hear and think of him. I haven’t met a funnier person in my life and I think many people can agree with me on that. Also the most pure and honest, without a doubt!

There is not many feelings who beat the happiness when you find The 1. To be honest, is there any feeling who can beat that? I’m not very sure about that. I am a person who want things very quick, quickest as possible if I can. Some stuff you have to fight for. I never planned earlier in my life that I will meet a french guy. I never planned that we have to be away from each other longer periods, to live in a suitcase with clothes at four different places. But love is nothing you can plan, it just happen.

I still can’t believe I am where I am, and with who I am with today. Is this true?! These 17 months haven’t been easy but I will not say hard either, mostly a lot of changes, impression and life experiences. But it have been worth every single second!

My love starts with an L, and his name is Loic ❤


One thought on “My love starts with an L

  1. Dopylove says:

    My love start with S …. Ski surf ans Sara ;-)))


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