Am I boring?!

I went to the thai place alone earlier which I don’t mind. I’m sitting there and dreaming I’m in Bali or something.. But what I wanted to tell you guys. When I like something I’m kind of addicted to it and don’t see something else.. I always take the same in the thai place, I never even look at the menu and before I left the lady came to talk a little bit:

-Maaaaam, you always eat the same maaaam.
-Yeah, I know but I like it.
-Everybody in the kitchen know when you are here maaaam.
-Oh really, haven’t heard that before?!
-Yes maaaam, but next time you have to try something else, we don’t have Phad Thai anymore maaaam.
-Ahhh ok, so I guess I don’t have any choice then??
-Kapkunkaaa maaaam, see you tomorrow!

Hahahaha I was sitting alone and tried to not laugh so I look even more creepy. This conversation is so typical me!
I have to try to be a little bit more “outside the box”.. Oh lord! Hahaha!!



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