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Swedish TV

Going to a casting now for Swedish TV, gonna be fun to see how that works.. Sorry for bad update but I have been busy with work and other stuff. I’m very tired today, think I start to be sick 😦 And next week I’m busy with loads of work so I really don’t have time to be sick. Later guys!



I’m deeply sorry my love to upload this video, but is tooo funny to keep for myself! I love you so much hahaha 😉

Happiness is the key of success..

Some die young.

I’m not a big fan of Laleh but she have one song that I can’t stop playing – “Some Die Young”. So since I got up this morning I play this loud as I can, screaming when I took my shower and cleaning. So sad they don’t play this on the radio here in Dubai. Can see myself sitting in my cute Picanto on 7-lane Sheikh Zayed Road and screaming/singing this song and the indian look at me more then they already does. Haha, I can just imagine how I look in my car when I have my 15 minutes of fame on Sheikh Zayed Road!! But isn’t that amazing feeling when you having a good day to just sing like you singing at a concert in Madison Square Garden?!

Maybe I was a star in the past?!



Cabana Club

Start to be busy and I really love it! Yesterday I had an event, tonight I was working for Stoli at The Address Hotel Dubai Mall, tomorrow I’m working at a concert and of Friday guestlist for a club. Cash is KING! Tomorrow I have a veeery funny casting for TV, more about that later. Think it will be hard to get but I will never have a chance to get it if I don’t attend teh casting 😉 Let’s see..

Here is some pictures from the event tonight and Cabana is a LOVELY place!! Never been there before and not so mony people know about it, such a shame! And hooow beautiful isn’t Burj Khalifa, view from Cabana..

Product Of The Year

Yesterday I worked at the event for Product Of The Year in Park Hyatt. I love that place, is so beautiful! The event was really funny, nice clients and amazing food and desserts 🙂

Here is some pictures from the event and hotel.

Flash Gordon!

Ehhh helloooo?! How awesome isn’t these pants from Zara?! I’m so much inlove with them and want them day and night!! BUT, because we always have a but.. I have to save my money for something more important then these lovely silky pants. If it wasn’t such a long and heavy penalties to break the law in Dubai I would seriously consider to shoplift them!


Just got home from Dubai Mall, oh lord I want everything from Zara!!! Putain (excuse my french!).. Soon I have to go for a casting and directly from there to work at Park Hyatt. So happy to work tonight 🙂 Tomorrow I have ALL day for myself so I will go to do my nails, fix my eyebrows and at night dinner with Yolanda.

Now I ave to pray;

Dear shopping God,
Can you please send me a credit card full of cash so I can buy the Zara shop?!

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon! 😉


The negative with my job is that the agency give me something and then the client cancel the last minute which means no job – no cash! Something you just have to deal with here in Dubai. Since I arrived I got 3 jobs and all 3 the client canceled. Anyway, that’s also the only negative – it’s loads of positive stuff of course as well!

I’m confirmed to work for Dubai Boat Show in Marina Club for 5 days, so I just cross my fingers the client will not cancel haha 😉 Now I’m very busy with other stuff as well because my mother in law is here. We just had a very nice dinner at Meat & Co. My friends who know me very well also know that I’m NOT a big fan of meat. Not vegetarian, I just don’t fancy meat too much. BUT (because we always have a but) I adore the meat at Meat&Co. Suddenly I have cravings for meat?! Me? Rellay? Must be hell of a tasty cow or whatever it is…?

Anyway, it’s good! 😀

Thai & Cinema

Yesterday I really didn’t do anything special.. Went to the beach, was running and at night I went to a thai place and after cinema alone. I don’t have toooo many close friends in Dubai which I don’t mind because mostely of the time Loic is here. And also it’s very hard to find normal people that you don’t wanna kill after 5 minutes.

Today Loic’s 2nd mom arrive to Dubai so I will get ready and meet her for lunch at Royal Mirage where she’s staying. I love that hotel, probably one of the best in Dubai!



When it weekend you are allowed to do the 3 B’s = Beach Beer Barasti.. Yepp that’s what I’ve been doing today. First me and my freidn Crystal went to Barasti Beach Club. When we were tired of sun bathing we went to The Palm and join the other crew. Had a beer and very good fahjitas!

Just got back home to take a shower, watch a movie and later tonight I’m in charge of the guest list at Trilogy just for 3 hours. Nice to be working a bit and easy money 🙂

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