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New up!

Finally I got my frame list/shelf up! Not easy to do when you live alone. BUT, my building has the solution for that. You call security downstairs and schop someone is knocking on your door with all the tools. Brilliant!

They also helped me to put the doors up to my wardrobes. That was definitely a two-man job! Such a good service and it only cost 100 dirham, about 20 euro. But I gave them some tip as they did a great job, left all the shit everywhere and did marks on the door. Well well, they probably did that on purpose as I was lying in my bed watch movie and laughed out laud when they worked hard. Haha!

What comes around goes around Miss Sara!

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Great start

Happy Easter everyone!

New week for us in Middle East, Europe still enjoying the weekend. It’s such a lovely morning in Dubai, it feels like spring.

I will continue with my healthy Sunday’s and I start my morning with this breakfast..

Dried Mulberries and pumpkin seeds

Strawberries and raspberries

Nom nom!


My day in pictures

Had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. This is my new drug – Thai Lettuce Wrap

Had my nails done, Essie – Need A Vacation

It was love at first sight when I entered West Elm in Dubai Mall

Cuddle with my new blanket from West Elm

Finish my day with cooking meatballs, they are brilliant. Will share recipes one day. So yum!


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Need A Vacation.


Went to the salon to paint my nails, got this lovely color. I had red before which is really not my color, I felt very lost. But now I’m back with my bubble-gum pink, yaaay!


Denim Love

Now off to Dubai Mall to prepare for up-coming week. I have to prepar myself, apartment and Loic’s birthday. I wish I could share with you guys what I’m planning for his day next weekend. But because Loic is reading this blog you have to wait 1 more week. I am so excited and I can’t believe I haven’t tell him what I will do, usually I suck to keep surprises!

Today I’m matching my grey-blue eyes with a Denim shirt from H&M – also note bow x 2. One in my hair and one on my wrist.

Bild 2013-03-30 kl. 10.03 #4

Easter Cravings

Happy Easter everyone!
A day like this I am craving one thing and one thing only – swedish candy! Everyone upload pictures of swedish candy on Facebook and here I’m sitting paralyzed starring on these pics.

I use to eat a lot of candy before when I had the access to it. Now I don’t so that’s why I’m slimmer hahaha! My fireds is coming over soon and she asked me if I want them to bring anything (like candy). I said NO directly, cause I know if I would get some candy and when that will be finished, I will probably book a flight to Sweden to buy more after, haha!

So here I sit, trying to still my craving. Looking in my cupboard to see if I can find something to eat, yaaaay nuts, pasta and dark chocolate!
Happy Easter Sara!


I can see this happen.


When Loic and I will have a kiddo I can see this happen. I know my love will teach our son/daughter efterything that has something to do with water. I will probably be a nervous mother one day haha!

I love you baby!

Sensasia Spa

Hannah booked us an appointment at Sensasia Spa today. Both of had a Sugar Daddy body scrub with full body massage. The scrub is brown sugar with vanilla and almond oil. Wow, it was amazing! Happy Easter to us!

I feel so clean and soft, this is something I will do every month. Maybe not scrub every time but I will treat myself with a spa treatment.

Hope all of you having a lovely weekend!





Beach weekend

Weekend is here and I’m spending it on the beach with friends. Getting a nice tan for Loic’s arrival and just enjoy my free time.

Yesterday night I went to cinema and saw Olympus Has Fallen, new one with Gerrald Butler. A very typical American-save-the-world/president movie. It was quiet good movie actually.

Dubai skyline!




Spending my evening in Mall Of The Emirates. Got 3 new stuff with me back home. Yaaay!

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