Almost a year later.

Honestly, I have been trying like 15 times to come up with a great “hey-I’m-back-line” but didn’t find any winner so here we go..

Like you can see I am back on my frozen blog and it’s almost been a year since my last post. I can guarantee that next post will come sooner then 10 months.

A lot of things has happened since last time. I am now living in Dubai full time with a full-time job, my love is in France, my new hobbies are: thai food, cinema and macarones.

I will share, not really all my life but most of it with you guys. Actually, I will only share the glamorous fabulous part of my life – which will probably end up with 1 post/month haha!Fine, I’m living in one of the most galmorous cities in the world but I will show you my side of it. Fair?!

So folks, stay tuned and I hope you will enjoy this time like you used to!


Oh btw, I’m a mother now.. Kind of.. Could be mine, I mean we kind of looking the same, no?! Please say hi to my second half Elton, he’s the love of my life!



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