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Today’s favorite

After a hard TRX class nothing is better then a shower. And after a shower nothing is better then Elizabeth Arden Green Tea with Honey Drops. Almost so I want to eat it.

The best body lotion I’ve ever tried. Just got this mini Elizabeth from Hannah, perfect to take with me as I have a “need-to-put-cream-on-my-hands-all-the-time-problem”. Love it, thank you Banana!!





Hilarious and so true!

I couldn’t say it better myself, so true and super fun!

Beach Babe

I’m sitting at the gym waiting for my LBT class to start. I really want to look toned and fit and not just loose weight and look skinny.

Wouldn’t say no to look like these girls, beach babes!




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The other day I thought it was time to change my blush I had for the last 7 years from MAC. So I bought this from Bobbi Brown, I love the colour.

What do you think?




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Before – After

I am in a really good work-out mood at the moment with 4-5 sessions a week.

  • 3 times bikram yoga
  • 1 day LBT
  • 1 day TRX

I try to eat good but still treat myself with ice-cream and chocolate sometimes. And caramel latte and banan bread and pop-corn. Hahaha, too many treats sometimes! But before I use to treat myself every day, many times a day. I was 28 kg more then I am now. I can’t believe it myself..

Anyway, now I have a good balance with food and sport and I feel happy with my body, that’s the most important. In three years I have change my body a lot and I am very proud of myself. I haven’t done any diet as I would never be able to shut out all the good stuff, just less and I still need those treats, hehe.. But, I have change my life style by eating better and exercise.


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Weekend fun!

Had a lovely calm weekend with friends. Went to IKEA (against my will, haha) for some reason everyone think I must looooove IKEA as I’m Swedish, I don’t.

Started my Friday with 90 min bikram yoga at 9am.

After IKEA me and Hannah went to have lunch at Jones the Grocer. I had their amazing salmon linguini, nom nom!

Evening I went shopping in Dubai Mall and cinema with Heidi. I kind of fell in love with this jacket but I didn’t bought her.. To be continued..

Yesterday I was dressed like a summer flower even the rain. Love my new jacket!

I met my girls at Comptoir 102, french owned. Half of the villa is a organic cafe and the other half is….

An interior shop with lovely furnitures and decorations.

After we went to Dubai Mall for some Pinkberry and shopping. And we found this girl…

She tattoo your shoes. As it’s forbidden to tattoo your body in Dubai. So now you can tattoo your shoes. Of course with any design you like! Brilliant idea if you ask me!

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend

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Bikram Yoga

I have to say I was wrong about yoga and specially bikram yoga. I have tried normal yoga once and didn’t like it, it wasn’t hard enough.
Yesterday I tried bikram and it was over my expectations! Super hard to beat the heat and I’m so stiff so it’s very good for me. You can’t even imagine how much you sweat! It looks and feels like I took a shower with my clothes on, super wet! So so hard but after you feel amazing!

I did one session yesterday night and one 9am this morning, if it’s your first time they suggest you to do the 2nd session within 24h.

Now I’m gonna enjoy my weekend!


Flower Power.

Really love this jacket I found today. Quit expensive so I haven’t bought it yet, still thinking. First I need to eat, never take decisions on an empty stomach.

On the menu we have sweet and sour prawns with steam vegetable, yum!!


Just tried the prawns, not good.. Such a shame.

Woke up without a brain.

Woke up too late this morning, have no memories of switching of the alarm. Rush to get ready, take the garbage and my breakfast, rush out, through the garbage..

The second I see the garbage going down I realised, shit! I just through my breakfast!

Well well, weekend is just around the corner.. Haha!



Sea Trial and Boat School

Had a lively working day today speeding time outside the office. Early morning down at Dubai Marina again, after parts shopping and afternoon sea trial.

Sea trial went good but even more fun was the boat school after. I drove the boat for an hour with some practice and 1h to practice parking. It was hard as I expected, but very fun! Need lots more training and after I will do my own trials. Yaaay!!

Tonight I went to see my 3 lovely girls I haven’t seen for loooong time. I have miss them so it was super nice to spend some time together.

Now dodo, nightie!!





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