Oh gosh, yesterday I went to a LBT class which is a workout focus on Legs Bums Tums. The instructure is absolutely mental but in a good way. He explains for every position why it’s good and what it does. In this class we don’t build muscles, we tone them to shape the body. That’s very good for me as I don’t want to build I need to shape.

But! As I don’t have too much muscles I have to build a little bit if I want to shape. That’s why I’m also doing the TRX, sessions. I have said it before and will do it again, if you haven’t tried TRX, do it! Using your own body weight with these rope are absolutely brilliant. Everyone can join as you decide your own level. The closer you are to the floor the harder it gets. But don’t do the lazy way to almost stand straight, challange yourself to get to thet f*cking floor haha! That’s what our instructure would shout.

Last week when we did push-ups with our feets inside the TRX bands, I think normal push-ups is hard but to keep my balance in the same time with my feets in the air was even harder. So, like after 3 push-ups I did them on my knees. Oh lord, that will not happen again I can tell you. The instructure was standing next to me screaming -Up on your feet! In my class you don’t take ANY shortcuts!!!!! Some people can think it’s embarrassing when the instructure screaming to you in front of the hole class, but I need that to push my limits. Plus, nobody cares.

So tonight I’m gonna take my love with me to see what he thinks – it’s gonna be fun!





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