I have a very strong and special relationship to strawberries. I can eat it day and night and don’t care if they are white, pink or deep red – I eat them what so ever. For sure the deep red once with a bigger pleasure.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy my special strawberries (always from the same place). When I reach the fruit section and don’t see any berries I was ready to cry! What am I gone eat for breakfast now?!

So now after work I stopped on the way home to see if they received more. 4 pack and 50 euro less in my pocket I’m walking out with a big smile on my lips.

Puuuh tomorrow’s breakfast is saved..



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4 thoughts on “Strawberryholic

  1. museconfuse says:

    The strawberries are really the best in Sweden! Everywhere else pales in comparison. My bf only eats strawberries or berries when he visits Sweden in the summer.

    • Sara says:

      I agree 100% and don’t blame your friend 😉 When I go back to Sweden I will be in strawberry heaven!! Thank you for reading! X

  2. Men jäklar.. dyrt va?!


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