Before – After

I am in a really good work-out mood at the moment with 4-5 sessions a week.

  • 3 times bikram yoga
  • 1 day LBT
  • 1 day TRX

I try to eat good but still treat myself with ice-cream and chocolate sometimes. And caramel latte and banan bread and pop-corn. Hahaha, too many treats sometimes! But before I use to treat myself every day, many times a day. I was 28 kg more then I am now. I can’t believe it myself..

Anyway, now I have a good balance with food and sport and I feel happy with my body, that’s the most important. In three years I have change my body a lot and I am very proud of myself. I haven’t done any diet as I would never be able to shut out all the good stuff, just less and I still need those treats, hehe.. But, I have change my life style by eating better and exercise.


Bild 2013-03-30 kl. 10.03 #2_2


2 thoughts on “Before – After

  1. Sandsten says:

    Grym du är! Inspirerade! 28kg!?!? Vet inte om jag ska tänka på vad du vägde innan eller hur lite du väger nu?? Sålänge du mår bra. Och jävligt snygg är du också 🙂


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