Monthly Archives: May 2013

Marant Fever.

It’s a Saturday morning and my mind is going mental.

I found the Isabel Marant sneakers. In my size. In my favourite design.

I have been chasing these sneakers for such a long time and evertime I find in my size it’s not the colorsĀ  or design I want. No I found them and I have click through every step until I came to the credit card page. I freeze, should I? Why should’t I? They are expensive! I can afford them! As you see my mid is going mental.

I have to eat breakfast, wake up Loic and ask him. I know he will not be happy but this is an emergency!

What do you guys think? Guess I will have better support from you them my sleeping love haha!



While I’m gone

Sorry I haven’t update for a while. I’m very busy at work plus my love is back in town and some friends from Sweden. While I’m gone you can always follow me on Instagram: saragdubai

Yallah bye!!


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