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While I’m gone

Sorry I haven’t update for a while. I’m very busy at work plus my love is back in town and some friends from Sweden. While I’m gone you can always follow me on Instagram: saragdubai

Yallah bye!!



Hilarious and so true!

I couldn’t say it better myself, so true and super fun!

Before – After

I am in a really good work-out mood at the moment with 4-5 sessions a week.

  • 3 times bikram yoga
  • 1 day LBT
  • 1 day TRX

I try to eat good but still treat myself with ice-cream and chocolate sometimes. And caramel latte and banan bread and pop-corn. Hahaha, too many treats sometimes! But before I use to treat myself every day, many times a day. I was 28 kg more then I am now. I can’t believe it myself..

Anyway, now I have a good balance with food and sport and I feel happy with my body, that’s the most important. In three years I have change my body a lot and I am very proud of myself. I haven’t done any diet as I would never be able to shut out all the good stuff, just less and I still need those treats, hehe.. But, I have change my life style by eating better and exercise.


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Bikram Yoga

I have to say I was wrong about yoga and specially bikram yoga. I have tried normal yoga once and didn’t like it, it wasn’t hard enough.
Yesterday I tried bikram and it was over my expectations! Super hard to beat the heat and I’m so stiff so it’s very good for me. You can’t even imagine how much you sweat! It looks and feels like I took a shower with my clothes on, super wet! So so hard but after you feel amazing!

I did one session yesterday night and one 9am this morning, if it’s your first time they suggest you to do the 2nd session within 24h.

Now I’m gonna enjoy my weekend!


Woke up without a brain.

Woke up too late this morning, have no memories of switching of the alarm. Rush to get ready, take the garbage and my breakfast, rush out, through the garbage..

The second I see the garbage going down I realised, shit! I just through my breakfast!

Well well, weekend is just around the corner.. Haha!



Sea Trial and Boat School

Had a lively working day today speeding time outside the office. Early morning down at Dubai Marina again, after parts shopping and afternoon sea trial.

Sea trial went good but even more fun was the boat school after. I drove the boat for an hour with some practice and 1h to practice parking. It was hard as I expected, but very fun! Need lots more training and after I will do my own trials. Yaaay!!

Tonight I went to see my 3 lovely girls I haven’t seen for loooong time. I have miss them so it was super nice to spend some time together.

Now dodo, nightie!!





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Morning Glory

Woke up a but later today as I had a meeting down in Dubai Marina. Unfortunately I woke up alone without my love next to me, he flew to Sri Lanka early this morning.

This is the beauty with my job to be down in the marina in the mornings. Love this view and I can’t really get enough of looking and leading about the boats. A never ending story.

Today I’m wearing my favourite pattern shirt from Zara. Pimped up my braid with a bow from H&M.





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Weekend action

Sorry for bad update, it’s been a super busy weekend and I can’t wait to be on my own again, haha! Loic is going to Sri Lanka for 12 days so I will finally go back to my routines.

Yesterday we went for a boat trip couple of hours, started with rain but finished with sun. Strange weather in Dubai now.. Later in the night we went to a Brazilian resto. You have a light on the table and as long you keep it green they coming with different meat. When your full, click on to red and they stop serving you. I wasn’t impressed at all, really bad service and food wasn’t that great. Frevos in Fairmont Hotel in The Palm.

Today is last day of the weekend but I have to work a couple of hours. C’est la vie!




Finish the afternoon with a villa viewing.

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Breaking News!

I am so happy and super excited for this summer to come, cause me and my love will go to Sweden for 2 weeks!! I haven’t seen my friend for such a long time and it feels amazing that we will spend 2 full weeks having fun in MY country with my lovely friends!

I have alreday start planning what to do and where to go and I hope all of you lovely friends will be home end of July and start of August?! Get prepared for a lot of BBQ’s, beers and long nights!

Can’t wait to see you guys, Loic is also super excited as this was his idea!!

Last time in Sweden before I moved to Dubai, he’s my LUCKY number!
Love you


Sara’s Braiding

Since I was young I’ve always love to explore and try new things with my hair, and I always did it myself. I use to explore colours and different haircuts, I coloured my hair brown and cut fringe but to go back to blond was a nightmare! As I’m older and more wise now (read scared), I stopped that kind of exploring and instead went for braiding.

I absolutely love braiding and realised last summer I was quit good. Never really done it before but now I love it and new ideas is more then welcome! This one would be my dream to do.

Leather braiding

Braidings I’ve done – first time try sessions!




Have to find new inspiration and start doing it again!

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