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Weekend fun!

Had a lovely calm weekend with friends. Went to IKEA (against my will, haha) for some reason everyone think I must looooove IKEA as I’m Swedish, I don’t.

Started my Friday with 90 min bikram yoga at 9am.

After IKEA me and Hannah went to have lunch at Jones the Grocer. I had their amazing salmon linguini, nom nom!

Evening I went shopping in Dubai Mall and cinema with Heidi. I kind of fell in love with this jacket but I didn’t bought her.. To be continued..

Yesterday I was dressed like a summer flower even the rain. Love my new jacket!

I met my girls at Comptoir 102, french owned. Half of the villa is a organic cafe and the other half is….

An interior shop with lovely furnitures and decorations.

After we went to Dubai Mall for some Pinkberry and shopping. And we found this girl…

She tattoo your shoes. As it’s forbidden to tattoo your body in Dubai. So now you can tattoo your shoes. Of course with any design you like! Brilliant idea if you ask me!

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend

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My two favourite classes are LBT and TRX. Tonight I went for the TRX session and my body feels strong but in the same time like jello. My arms is absolutely finito and to carry the water bottle is a mission. But I love it!

Yesterday’s LBT is focus on Legs Bums and Tums and to mix it with TRX is a brilliant combo.

Now a good meal at Kcal, bolognese and steamed veggies. Nom nom!



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I have a very strong and special relationship to strawberries. I can eat it day and night and don’t care if they are white, pink or deep red – I eat them what so ever. For sure the deep red once with a bigger pleasure.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy my special strawberries (always from the same place). When I reach the fruit section and don’t see any berries I was ready to cry! What am I gone eat for breakfast now?!

So now after work I stopped on the way home to see if they received more. 4 pack and 50 euro less in my pocket I’m walking out with a big smile on my lips.

Puuuh tomorrow’s breakfast is saved..



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Miu Shanghai

Yesterday we ate Japanese, today Chinese and tomorrow I think tjhai is on the schedule.
This place, Miu Shanghai is new open in Mall of The Emirates and the food is lovely! Super cool interior with a cool view over the ski slope.

A bit expensive but absolutely worth it. I ordered salmon nigiri and steam vegetable. Next time I will try the crispy sweet and sour prawns. Nom!





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We just had an earthquake in Dubai. Such a wired feeling and my firsts thought was: -Someone must have drove straight in to the house! And after I look at my water bottle and realise its an earthquake!! I have never felt one before but this one was strong! We had one last week but weaker and I didn’t feel it.

Comes from Iran and over there it was 8 on the scale, must have been horrible!!

Quit cool feeling but still scary. Do not hope for stronger!

Fruity Morning

Good morning my favourite readers!

It’s a great morning with 36 degrees and sun, of course. Start to be summer in Dubai and what could be better than a breakfast like this?! Fresh, colorful, healthy and super yum!

Kiwi is high in fiber, low in calories and full of C-vitamin. I love kiwi but if I eat to much it’s itching in my mouth, allergic or normal?!

Have a lovely days folks!


Bistro Madeleine

Today I’m taking my dear love for lunch and what could be better than French food for a french guy?!

Bistro Madeleine is a lovely resto and my favourite on the menu is “Salad de chèvre chaud” yum! You find this cute resto in Intercontinental Hotel Festival City.




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Loving Earth

Today’s breakfast is raspberries with pumpkin seeds. These comes from Loving Earth, very good!



Jones The Grocer

Today it’s not a normal Saturday, today it’s my love’s birthday!! Happy Birthday babylove!!

Kind as he is he assist me on my viewing this morning and after we went to Jones The Grocer.
It’s a lovely place where they serve organic food in a warehouse atmosphere. The have a shop in the entrance where you can buy bits and pieces to your kitchen.

I ate their famous pumpkin and feta cheese salad with fresh green apple juice. Super super yum! Will probably be one of my new addictions!







Short trip to Thailand

Wow, we just finished 3h couple treatment at Sensasia Spa. Amazing!

It’s always very hard to buy gift to guys and specially to my love as he has everything already. So I thought this was perfect to give him and we could have a romantic time together.




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