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Morning Glory

Woke up a but later today as I had a meeting down in Dubai Marina. Unfortunately I woke up alone without my love next to me, he flew to Sri Lanka early this morning.

This is the beauty with my job to be down in the marina in the mornings. Love this view and I can’t really get enough of looking and leading about the boats. A never ending story.

Today I’m wearing my favourite pattern shirt from Zara. Pimped up my braid with a bow from H&M.





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Why I’m ended up in Dubai

Exactly 3 years ago my friend Caroline and I went to Dubai for holiday, I absolutely fell in love. From there I decided to do my internship in Dubai and I did. At this time I was studing trade and business in a fashion school. My plans then, was to get a job in fashion, more specific in a fashion showroom.

This is where my real love for Dubai showed up. My first day in Dubai I met this wired funny french guy and we had so much fun. At this time I called him Mr. Pinel. We stayed together every day for 3 month and had the time of my life.
He had to go back to his life in France and I went back to school in Sweden. We had no plans to see each other again.
We were talking on Skype every day for 10 days. And from the middle of nowhere he asked if I wanted to come to Courchevel – 2 days later I was there. I booked a ticket for 10 days, I stayed 4 months.

Since then everything just continued. We travel the world together but always had an extra beat for Dubai. Last year I spent most of my time in Dubai and got a full-time job for the biggest company in Middle East.

So here I am today, working with boats. Yepp, you read right. It’s absolutely different to what I have done before but I love to challange myself and couldn’t say NO to this offer.

This winter is the first time me and my love have been spending most of it apart. He in Courchevel – me in Dubai. It went better and quicker then I ever could guess. Tomorrow I will pick him up at the airport and it has been 9 weeks since I last saw him.

So guys, imagine who has the biggest smile tonight and million butterflies in the stomach – ME!

Arrival update will come tomorrow!

Road Trip through France and we found this lovelt field of Tournesol.

Got our tattoo’s in Paris more then a year ago.

Can whatch him doing this for hours. But this time I was very nervous. Bali.

Spent 2 weeks on Gili Island outside Bali

My babies!

Preparations for Dubai Boat Show

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